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5-Year-Old Girl Arrested

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April 23, 2005

Tampa Bay’s 10 News:

Saint Petersburg, Florida — An attorney says he plans legal action against St. Petersburg police officers who handcuffed an unruly 5-year-old girl after she acted up in her kindergarten

A video camera was rolling March 14 as part of a classroom self-improvement exercise. The camera captured images of the girl tearing papers off a bulletin board, climbing on a table and punching an assistant principal before police were called to Fairmount Park Elementary.

Then it shows the child appearing to calm down before three officers approach, pin her arms behind her back and put on handcuffs as she screamed, ‘No!’

Largo lawyer John Trevena let the news media see the tape this week after obtaining he got it from police.

The attorney says it’s incomprehensible that the police officers would bend a child over a table and forcibly handcuff her.

Note: I had to find another version of the video, since 11 years have gone by since 2005.

  • Melindhra

    I watched both videos, and I’ll say this. I think the staff member in the video (Assistant Principal I think) did quite a good job with handling that kid under the circumstances. However, the idea of a 5 year old kid getting arrested is completely ridiculous to me.

    Teachers were never able to beat kids when I was in school, nor do I agree with that, but children who are out of control to that extent should be restrained in some approved manner that prevents the school from getting sued. I’m not an expert on child behaviour though, so maybe there is a good reason for letting the kid trash the office and beat on the staff member.

  • http://Bat-Blog Andrew Haxley

    Both videos of the classroom and the office that i have seen seems like the type of behavior the girl has had. And the arrest is unacceptable i mean instead of calling the police. Can’t the teachers just suspend or spank her to get her under control.

    I mean this type of behavior is bad and even the police officers went too far? And i think the attorney and lawyer and even the girl’s mother believes that the police need to have a time in court for this. I mean bending her over a table and arresting her is just going too far.

  • http://Bat-Blog Josh

    Yeah. What do the police officers want around the girl. Of course she was out of control. But there is no way that you could not call the parents but instead the police to deal with the situation. Seriously! Teachers control your students and give them a time out if they don’t behave. But just don’t punish them in a different way. Because you are just wasting your time with this?

    Now the mother is threatening to sue the police and the teachers who abused her there. And is hiring a lawsuit because of them. Look just because the kid needed a timeout does not mean that the cops could handcuff her. Also her lawyer who is protecting her is doing a great job at it. And remember hiring a lawyer costs $600,00 dollars to hire one.

  • http://Bat-Blog ToyCollector1239

    I know this sounds strange, But why would three police officers come in and handcuff the poor girl! It just seems wrong, And if i was a parent i would tell the police to stop. This is just out of control.

  • http://Bat-Blog Jack

    I taught in preschool many kids on how to control their behavoir and if they ever had problems. Though one of them are always polite and seem to tell me if something’s bothering them.

    But when the classroom video and the principle’s office video i was outraged. How can the school officials not control a kindergarten student who was having a tantrum. Seriously many would agree this doesn’t work but why would three police officers come to pin the girl’s arms and tell her to calm down. I don’t get it. I never call 911 at the preschool and what were the school officials thinking when they did this. Because it sure seems out of hand.

    If the police are required to prevent a child from throwing a tantrum by pinning her arms and bending her against the table is right. Think again, Because it seems like i do not approve of this. It’s abuse and pinning a student like that in preschool is unacceptable. I mean i taught preschool for 3 weeks and nothing has ever happened before. So why would three officers respond to the situation because it clearly is not okay and is considered abuse. But it’s great that the mother is hiring a lawyer and is not taking her back into the school anymore.

    If someone disrespected me i would tell them to calm down and please stop. Not like the teachers who called the police on this girl. It just needs to stop.

  • http://Bat-Blog Matthew

    When i watched both videos i was shocked to hear that a girl has been arrested by three police officers pinning her arms and bending her over a table.

    Now i know how i feel because i watched both videos. Clearly there is an arrest made on the girl and it is abuse.

    As you can tell those police officers are not very bright now are they. But then i say don’t bother watching these videos then.

  • ToyCollector1239

    Now i’ve heard this on the news and i am Shocked that she was out of control. But handcuffs are not the answer to the problem the little girl was having.

    The News also showed a video of where she breaks a teacher’s wooden apple and the teacher says oh no you broke her Apple. That is so sad, But also in the video where she is in the office and is tearing at things and hitting the principle with her hands.

    Then three police officers pin her arms and put handcuffs on her while she screams and cries to be let go. I mean she is about 5 years old.

    Handcuffing never happens anywhere including preschool. Unless kids are acting up and become violent, The Teachers usually punish them or call their parents when they do something bad. I mean this is wrong. Pinning a girl by her hands is totally wrong. Looks like the School system did not look out for her and were not very bright when they did that at all.

    A School system has to sometimes monitor a child’s behavoir and how they act depending on their feelings, It’s not required that the School will have to call the police to have them picked up or arrested in any type of way. It’s abuse and it’s not allowed. But John Trevena is totally mad and is not going to take this anymore. He’s going to sue the School and the local Administrators for what they did to the poor girl. I mean Dibendetto did a good job blocking the punches with her hands while restraining her.

    Now i don’t know why this ever made public. But the handcuffing of a 5 year old girl seems completly ridicolious to me. Plus the cops who handcuffed her took her back to her mother because she refused to pick her child up and insisted the police to come instead. Of course they tell her to calm down and she refuses to do so. So they pin her and she screams and is crying.

    The reason is that any preschool is not supposed to have the Police involved in any situation. The cops are not there to control the child or get them under control but only the principle or teacher. You can’t just think for one minute you have to restrain the girl and place her under arrest. It’s sad and is not funny at all how they treated her. Now they are going to be fired from their jobs and I’m glad because i felt bad for that girl. Even though she was throwing a tantrum. The School is now going to get sued because of this wow.