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Videos of Tibet Protests

Mar 15, 2008   written by Chantal

Richard Gere on Situation in Tibet


Tibet analyst: China’s dilemma


CNN Video captures Indian police arresting marchers


AlJazeera Report: Tibetans Condemn Beijing Olympics


Bjork – Declare Independence for Tibet


No Olympics in China Until Tibet is Free


No Olympics in China Until Tibet is Free – Part 2


Violence in Tibet

Mar 15, 2008   written by Chantal
Tibetans have been protesting against China’s Communist Party since March 10th. According to officials, 10 Tibetans have died in fires. Officials also seem to be implying that Tibetan Buddhist monks are becoming violent toward Chinese police and military personnel . Oh … The Dalai Lama is behind a sophisticated ring of terrorism and quietly orchestrated this whole “violent” protest. Yeah, whatever. We’re all stupid enough to believe that.I’m sure the Chinese government is not pleased by these protests which are occurring in advance of the Olympic Games this August. Unfortunately (for the government), they can’t just go ahead and commit genocide. There’s one little problem with that course of action: The world is watching. Maybe it’s time that Tibet is returned to the Tibetan people.

Norbu the Stair Troll

Mar 14, 2008   written by Chantal

Yes. I can promote my own crap videos on my website. If you ever figure out how to create a website, you can try it too.

Ryerson student faces expulsion

Mar 13, 2008   written by Chantal

This is not new, since the story broke a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t brought this up before. Chris Avenir, a first-year Ryerson computer engineering student, is facing expulsion. His crime? Being the administrator on a Facebook group, which was intended to work the same way a study group works when conducted in person. Somehow, Ryerson officials feel that doing group study online is bad, while not online is somehow magically better.

I think this is absolute garbage. My university, Athabasca University, routinely uses online forums and conferences to allow students to do exactly that. The only thing we cannot do is post answers to exams or assignments. So we are not cheating, we are helping to tutor one another so that individuals can get over the rough spots, gain a better understanding of course material and do well if they work hard. Having online assistance available to you in no way is the “Easy Button”. No more than talking to a professor in class and asking him/her for pointers on the assignment that was just handed out.

I hate Facebook, but I just joined the group supporting Chris Avenir. His last name means “future” in French. Interesting that his case will help shape the future of how online study will be seen by the academic community.

Brain-Eating Amoeba Kills Firefighter

Mar 13, 2008   written by Chantal
This is bizarre. A firefighter died on Wednesday from a brain-eating amoeba (Balamuthia mandrillaris) infestation. I wouldn’t expect to hear about something crazy like this in North America, but this happened in San Diego, California. Apparently, a mandrill baboon at the San Diego zoo came down with the infestation in 1990 and this “disease”, parasitic meningoencephalitis, has been diagnosed in over 100 people since. According to doctors, this only appears to affect people who have weakened immune systems.I wonder if this is the truth or just a way of preventing people from panicking …

Mar 12, 2008   written by Chantal
I finally decided to set up another domain today. I haven’t had a working one in years, since I got over the whole “webmaster” of the early 90s thing. Angelfire. Geocities. Ugh.

In the end, I decided to use GoDaddy as my domain name registrar. Not because I liked them the best, but because they were the most reasonable and they offer private registration. I really wanted to go with because I have read very positive things about them, but I’m not cool with my mailing address showing up in my domain’s Whois information.

I should also mention that I made the mistake of using the Whois search through Network Solutions. They scooped up my domain instantly so that I would be forced to register the domain with them at a high price instead of being able to use a competitor. I did some research on this and apparently they have been at this for a while and have ended up in court. Search for “network solutions domain tasting” on Google for more info on this unscrupulous business practice.

I sent them an extremely nasty email in the wee hours of the morning, and this is what they sent back:

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you but please be informed that we have remove the domain name CHANTAL13.COM from the holding table of the domain name reservation feature.”

Feature. Indeed.

Dancing Man With Horse Mask

Mar 12, 2008   written by Chantal

He is cooking wild mushrooms. Nothing wrong with that, right?

MINI Collage

Apr 18, 2006   written by Chantal
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Part 1 – Car Care Products

Aug 26, 2005   written by Chantal
First of all, I always thought people were insane for spending hours detailing their cars on the weekend. After having my MINI for a couple of months, I know exactly why. You need to LOVE your car. Not just be pleased with it, or have “fun” driving it. The MINI is not my first car, so this isn’t just a case of being excited to have a set of wheels. I could go on and on about how special it is, but I’ll just leave it at that.

Want to know what I use to keep my car looking great? Here’s a list, including links to more information where possible.

  • Various microfibre cloths (buffing, dusting, glass, drying, cleaning)
  • 100% cotton chenille wash mitt
  • Car wash brush (for plastic trim)
  • California Water Blade (yes, I am VERY careful)
  • Wash bucket
  • Garden hose and sprayer

Keep It Clean

Keep It Shiny

cl4ying 4 t3h w1n

Aug 26, 2005   written by Chantal
Well, holy shit!

I got something splattered on the side of my car that wouldn’t come off no matter how I washed and washed (even with Z7). It looked almost like tiny little specks of mud. I bet it was concrete or clay from the construction around here. Anyway, I bought some Zaino Z-18 clay and got to work. It was very easy to get rid of those spots. After feeling how incredibly smooth the paint was in that spot, I had to do the entire car. All in all, it took me about 30 minutes. I can’t believe all of the crap that came off of my paint. The clay was dark reddish brown when I was finished.

Of course, I had to redo my Z1 and Z2 since claying removes EVERYTHING except for the paint. I know it will look amazing like it did before, but this time it will be even smoother. It was very smooth before, so that’s saying quite a bit. In the morning, I’ll buff off the Z2 and put another coat on in the afternoon. Next weekend, I guess I’ll do two more coats so I’ll be back to where I was before the claying.

Woo hoo for Zaino. They really do make amazing stuff.