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The Don Pasquale

Jun 18, 2005   written by Chantal
This is where my car will be soon enough.

To the dock!

Jun 18, 2005   written by Chantal
The ship’s on it’s way to the dock! It’s at the bottom left section of the radar. Don Pasquale. It should be docking in about 3 hours.

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Road Test: Mini Cooper S vs. Hummer H2

Jun 16, 2005   written by Chantal

Insulting the MINI = bad

Jun 16, 2005   written by Chantal
iPodlounge Forums – what do you guys think of the mini cooper?:

go for it if u want to. if u live in the usa then dont. a: they are pretty unsafe, B; u could get a wayyyy cooler safer suv. but if u like it then go for it!! thats all that counts!!

Yeah. This person is a moron. I currently drive a SUV, and they are NOT safer than a MINI Cooper. All you have to do is look at the IIHS website for some crash test results.

1. How many SUVs do you see with 6 airbags?
2. How many MINI Coopers do you see rolled over in a ditch?

grr… what is cool about an SUV? you go through gas like crazy, you pollute the environment, not to mention looking like an #######. of course, by your ‘Location: USA!!’, i would venture that you’re a new found (post-911) patriot, supporting george bush and his war to get more oil to power more fuel guzzling suvs.

minis are NOT unsafe… go for it flav– they’re awesome cars that drive well!

Heh yep. MINI lovers get a tad testy when insulted.

Almost Time to Sail!

Jun 12, 2005   written by Chantal
It felt like an eternity, but it looks like the MINI is built and is ready to navigate across the seas on June 19th.

Cargo Status History

Cargo Id : WMWRE33555T******
Booking Number : GBSOU32965
Bill Number :
Port of origin : SOUTHAMPTON
Voyage : ED517-DOP
Port of Destination : HALIFAX, NS
Priority :
Customer Ref. Nbr:

This information includes the status, status dates, and location of cargoes during transit with WWL and does not indicate availability of cargoes for delivery.

Status: BOOKED
Time(dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm): 12/06/2005 20:25

Rail from Halifax to Toronto

Jun 7, 2005   written by Chantal
CN’s website is so difficult to get travel times out of. Their maps are terrible! Anyway, it looks like the train ride from Halifax to Toronto takes between 5 and 7 days, depending on which day of the week the train leaves. Assuming the car is loaded on the train the day after it arrives in port (which somehow I doubt), it would be north of Toronto in Concord, Ontario by July 4th.

Realistically, I would expect the car to sit for a few days before being loaded on the train. I’d also be very surprised if it got right on the train from the liner, so let’s shoot for July 22nd. Of course, it has to be transported over from Concord to Toronto, get the PDI completed at the dealership, then have the iPod kit installed.

July 25th

Halifax Port Revealed

Jun 7, 2005   written by Chantal
I did some detective work. Here’s what I came up with:

Since the MINI is in production from June 6th to June 12th, I checked out the cargo ship schedules. The only port that makes sense en route to Toronto is Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sure, New Jersey is closer, but someone pointed out to me that the car would have to go through customs and all that crap. I’m not even sure if there is a rail link from NJ to Toronto anyway. Toronto has a port, but the cargo company doesn’t seem to ship there.

Okay … so the only cargo ship that goes from Southampton to Halifax in June is the Don Pasquale. Call sign ED517-DOP. It leaves Southampton on June 19th and arrives in Halifax on June 26th. Wallenius Wilhelmsen doesn’t really make it clear where their port is (unless you’re from Dartmouth / Halifax), but I’m pretty sure I found it by finding their postal code! Take a look:

Autoport in Halifax (satellite)
Autoport in Halifax (map)

Once in Halifax, it would go via rail to the Toronto area. Where in Toronto, I’m not sure. But I will find out! It’s fun doing all of this detective work! Stay tuned.

How to track your MINI

Jun 7, 2005   written by Chantal
Many of these links are from the MINI2 Forums, but I added a few of my own and updated dead links:

Wallenius Wihelmsen Carriers to get the vessel name

Schedules by Destination

Port Information

U.S. Coast Guard to get vessel “Call Sign” for tracking

Southampton Radar

Southampton Shipping Movements

Southampton Live Webcam Use Marine Observation to track

SailWX Tracking Tracking

Halifax Port Webcam

Port Of Charleston Vessel activity for next 30 days

NY NJ Port Schedule (Vessel activity currently down)

North East Marine Terminal

Canadian National Railroad

Week 23 Production

Jun 7, 2005   written by Chantal
Well, it turns out the MCS is scheduled for production during week 23 of the German calendar. The German calendar goes from Monday – Sunday, so their week numbers are different than it is for most of us. Fortunately, I can read enough German to get me by! Here’s what I found: The dates of Montag, 6. Juni 2005 to Sonntag, 12. Juni 2005 are within 23. Kalenderwoche 2005.

What that means is that my car will be assembled during the week of Monday June 6th 2005 – Sunday June 12th 2005. Woot woot! Once that is all done, I will be able to track the car’s voyage over the ocean through the Wallenius Wilhelmsen ocean liner website.

Ungh sew gewd!

Jun 6, 2005   written by Chantal

Ungh sew gewd!