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WordPress 2.5.1 Upgrade = Not Fun

May 12, 2008   written by Chantal

I’m really not sure what went wrong. I did the Dreamhost upgrade to WordPress 2.5.1 and it fried my entire blog. The database was fine (along with the config file pointing to it), but none of my posts were visible. I tried several things, including deleting the entire blog directory and re-installing to no avail.

In the end, I just restored my backup of the old blog. Maybe I will try the upgrade again in the future, but I have had enough “fun” this week. Maybe I will create a dev environment to experiment with future upgrades. Though this is just a small personal blog, this experience was very frustrating and annoying.

For anyone who has a blog, make absolutely sure that you keep backups of your blog, your database and maybe even export your blog posts. If I didn’t have backups, this would likely be my “first” post.

If anyone notices anything strange, please, please leave a comment. I’ll be playing around with themes for the next while until I find something I like.

Ryerson student faces expulsion

Mar 13, 2008   written by Chantal

This is not new, since the story broke a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t brought this up before. Chris Avenir, a first-year Ryerson computer engineering student, is facing expulsion. His crime? Being the administrator on a Facebook group, which was intended to work the same way a study group works when conducted in person. Somehow, Ryerson officials feel that doing group study online is bad, while not online is somehow magically better.

I think this is absolute garbage. My university, Athabasca University, routinely uses online forums and conferences to allow students to do exactly that. The only thing we cannot do is post answers to exams or assignments. So we are not cheating, we are helping to tutor one another so that individuals can get over the rough spots, gain a better understanding of course material and do well if they work hard. Having online assistance available to you in no way is the “Easy Button”. No more than talking to a professor in class and asking him/her for pointers on the assignment that was just handed out.

I hate Facebook, but I just joined the group supporting Chris Avenir. His last name means “future” in French. Interesting that his case will help shape the future of how online study will be seen by the academic community.

Brain-Eating Amoeba Kills Firefighter

Mar 13, 2008   written by Chantal
This is bizarre. A firefighter died on Wednesday from a brain-eating amoeba (Balamuthia mandrillaris) infestation. I wouldn’t expect to hear about something crazy like this in North America, but this happened in San Diego, California. Apparently, a mandrill baboon at the San Diego zoo came down with the infestation in 1990 and this “disease”, parasitic meningoencephalitis, has been diagnosed in over 100 people since. According to doctors, this only appears to affect people who have weakened immune systems.I wonder if this is the truth or just a way of preventing people from panicking …

Dancing Man With Horse Mask

Mar 12, 2008   written by Chantal

He is cooking wild mushrooms. Nothing wrong with that, right?

5-Year-Old Girl Arrested

Apr 23, 2005   written by Chantal

Tampa Bay’s 10 News:

Saint Petersburg, Florida — An attorney says he plans legal action against St. Petersburg police officers who handcuffed an unruly 5-year-old girl after she acted up in her kindergarten