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Deaf Grandma – Ruby Code

May 18, 2008   written by Chantal
I’m working on Learn to Program by Chris Pine. This is one of the exercises mentioned in chapter 7 (chapter 6 in the online version).

Poor Grandma can’t hear very well. You really have to scream at her, but even then, she doesn’t quite hear what you’re saying. You have to be careful too because she often tries to plant sloppy, toothless Grandma kisses on you.


99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall – Ruby Code

May 17, 2008   written by Chantal
Here is my (very simple) version of 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall in Ruby. I the only fancy thing I am doing is “while”. I don’t like the fact that the song is duplicated to handle one bottle, so I will eventually change that. I have a couple of ideas, but I am not sure which I want to use.


Twitter problems due to Ruby on Rails scaling?

May 15, 2008   written by Chantal
I’ve noticed that Twitter has been going down quite a bit lately. I have heard that the Twitter people are looking into switching from Ruby on Rails to something else. Since I am learning Ruby (with the intention of learning Rails as well), I am interested in knowing why Twitter is having problems with RoR.

Everything that I have read so far indicates that they are having scaling problems. They feel that you have to give Rails more and more CPU power and resources to keep it going with such a large site. I wonder how Rails compares to other frameworks in terms of how much resources it needs as the applications and databases get larger. (more…)

UC Berkeley Ruby on Rails 1-Day Course

May 10, 2008   written by Chantal

I found a one day Ruby on Rails course from UC Berkeley on YouTube. I haven’t watched the videos yet, but hopefully they will help improve my understanding of Ruby and Rails. With any luck, they won’t be 1 hour rickrolls.

I’m fairly certain that a short course won’t give you a full understanding of how Ruby on Rails works, but this should be a good start. To go from video to video, click the arrows at the edge of the player. There are five six videos.

Edit: The slides can be hard to see at times, so you can download the PDFs to follow along with the videos here.

Ruby Course – Lesson 1

May 6, 2008   written by Chantal

I’ve reviewed lesson 1 of Satish Talim’s Ruby course, along with Yukihiro Matsumoto’s “The Philosophy of Ruby” interview. The most difficulty I had was with the modulus operator, which I posted about yesterday. I also learned that Google Calculator is incorrect in its calculation of the number of seconds in a year! Always make sure you check, double-check and triple-check your sources when you are declaring constants in your programs.

To make sure I have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Ruby, I am going to read Chris Pine’s “Learn to Program” within the next couple of days. It seems to be mentioned everywhere I go, so it must be good. After that, I am going to start reading “The Ruby Programming Language“, which I purchased in PDF form the other day. That should be a good start.

Before I get too tired, I am going to listen to Geoff Grosenbach’s Ruby Basics.

That’s about it for today. I’m back at work this week, so time is a bit limited.

P.S. I am really liking ScribeFire for posting blog entires within Firefox.

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