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Twitter problems due to Ruby on Rails scaling?

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May 15, 2008
I’ve noticed that Twitter has been going down quite a bit lately. I have heard that the Twitter people are looking into switching from Ruby on Rails to something else. Since I am learning Ruby (with the intention of learning Rails as well), I am interested in knowing why Twitter is having problems with RoR.

Everything that I have read so far indicates that they are having scaling problems. They feel that you have to give Rails more and more CPU power and resources to keep it going with such a large site. I wonder how Rails compares to other frameworks in terms of how much resources it needs as the applications and databases get larger.

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It doesn’t appear that this is an easy question to answer, so I’ll have to do some reading on this one. In the meantime, I’d welcome any thoughts on this from people who are more experienced with web frameworks … or from anyone else who has a thought.